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Create A Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Published On: 30/06/2022

It is always a pleasure to welcome cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends! No matter who you’re welcoming, it is important to ensure your guests feel at home even when they’re away from their own. Here, we cover all the essentials of decorating a fabulous and cosy guest bedroom that you can incorporate to create a lasting impression.

Play with Palettes


There is a wide range of colour palettes for your guest bedroom, making it stand out from the rest of your rooms. A green bedroom is a great option for guests since it exudes tranquillity and is welcoming at the same time. Paint your guest bedroom with muted and calm colours rather than those that are blaring and distracting.

Neutral Tones are Your Safe Bet


For pillow covers, bedspreads, and any other fabric requirements, a neutral palette is your ideal pick. Since guests may have a variety of tastes and preferences, neutrals can make your guests feel comfortable in their temporary home. So be sure to invest in good quality fabrics in a wide range of neutrals.

Light Up the Room


Good lighting is essential to make the guests feel welcome. Soft, warm lights evoke a sense of tranquillity. Try to keep the lighting calm and soothing to provide a restful ambience. If natural light fills the room abundantly, then use a variety of warm and cool lights around the room, just to change things up when the sun goes down.

Delightful Rugs


A rug is a simple yet effective way to add some colour and texture to the room. A bold rug in a neutral-toned room is sufficient to take your guest bedroom to a whole other level. All you need to do is ensure that it blends with the space, even if you’re opting for a bold rug.

Functional Wardrobes


Travelling miles and tugging luggage around can get tiring. Convenient and accessible racks and wardrobes are an absolute must. Give your guests maximum storage space so that their valuables are safe. If you wish to save space, you could fit your wardrobe door with a full-length mirror. This will make it more functional than it already is.

Twin Beds or Double Beds?


Equipping the guest room with a twin bed or a double bed is your personal choice. You could invest in twin beds that are apt for any situation since they can be combined into one large bed too! You can experiment with different bed frames and mattresses to add some personality to the room.

Neat Nightstands