Bold in style, soft in comfort! The curvy design complemented by a sturdy build, this recliner sofa sets a new high in comfort and class. Now let that corner space come alive! Read More Read More

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Mattress Feel:

Medium Soft and Medium Firm on opposite sides


7 years manufacturer warranty


Direct from factory/warehouse
Delivered in a roll pack box.

Cover Material:

Premium quality, high GSM spun polyester fabric

Cover Type:

Non-removable fixed cover

Mattress Material:

Soft foam and High Resilience Foam

Mattress Usability:

Usable on both sides. Medium firm on the grey side for those who prefer firm support and medium soft on the white side for those who prefer soft comfort

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Product description

Made from high-density wood imported from South America

The water content in the wood is retained between 8-12%

The leather used is premium European and American leather, which is proven to be comfortable on the skin

Includes a left-arm-facing recliner, an armless recliner, and a right-arm-facing armless chair

Also includes square corner wedge, straight console with USB slot, and an ottoman

Product dimension

Length: 305 cm Width: 277 cm Height: 71 cm

Care tips

Non-removable cover. Vacuum clean. Do not use bleach or abrasive products. In case of liquid spillage, do not allow it to settle on the surface. Wipe it out with a clean damp cloth as soon as possible. Avoid poking the surface with sharp objects like knife, keys, screw drivers or other tools, earrings, etc. Scar marks, wrinkles and color variations are characteristics of naturally sourced leather and should not be looked down as a fault in material.


Frame: Solid wood Seat cushion: High density foam, polyester wadding Foam Density: Different foam density at seat, arms and back for best comfort Covering: PU coated fabric Suspension: Spring, steel elastic band Mechanism: Electric mechanism

Package details

Packages: 5


2-seat recliner with chaise lounge on right side

This product has multiple packages. Length: 116 cm Width: 108 cm Height: 73 cm Diameter: NA Weight: 70.5 kg Package(s): 1
Length: 116 cm Width: 97 cm Height: 78 cm Diameter: NA Weight: 55.5 kg Package(s): 1
Length: 125 cm Width: 121 cm Height: 87 cm Diameter: NA Weight: 56.3 kg Package(s): 1
Length: 102 cm Width: 35 cm Height: 63 cm Diameter: NA Weight: 15 kg Package(s): 1
Length: 132 cm Width: 111 cm Height: 76 cm Diameter: Weight: 45.5 kg Package(s): 1
Length: Width: Height: Diameter: Weight: Package(s): 1

Assembly & documents

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