Happiness comes home

Retreat to a tranquil space at night by furnishing your bedroom with designs that combine functional design with charm and style. From a comfortable mattress to spacious wardrobes, every element in the room works in tandem to add character to it.

The bedroom is home to the cosiest furniture of all—your bed. A comfortable mattress is bound to give you a good night’s rest for years. Get your hands on extra storage space with a roomy storage box under the bed.

Add to decor with a versatile bench below the window. It can be used as a place for favourite planters or pillows with pretty prints. With the right design, a bedside table with drawers can hold more than just a glass of water and alarm clock. Spruce up a bare wall in the room with an open ledge for decorative articles.

With the proper frame, style and colour, a mirror can effortlessly elevate room decor. A standalone mirror allows for easy placement and can be moved around whenever you please. For hassle-free access and quick organising, a ledge makes a valuable addition to spaces.

Lighting plays a vital part in setting the calming mood tied to this relaxing space. With pendant lights, floor lamps and table lamps, you can bring the perfect glow to your favourite room.

Add a pop of colour to the bedroom with bed linen. Ample choice lets you play with patterns, fabric, prints and hues. A soft rug beside the bed gives the space a lovely touch while providing an inviting feel to bare feet.

Bring a comfy armchair into the room and build a cosy reading nook by the window or balcony. Wall cabinets deliver a neat aesthetic while addressing storage needs. For when you bring work home, look to getting a writing or study table you can place against a wall.

With customised wardrobes, you have a wider selection of designs to match your personality and preferences—right from accessories to facade to interiors. Nifty glass fronted drawers offer a peek inside, offering quick access to contents.

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