Happiness comes home

A creative space for kids to call their own is a vital part of a home. From playtime to study sessions, the children’s room has to be fun as well as functional. Patterns, colours and versatile furniture hit just the mark when skillfully brought together.

Make a game of tidying up and inculcate a love for organising in your kids. Boxes can be placed on lower shelves or under the bed for their most-used toys or art supplies. A nifty bookcase can double as a place for extra linen and cushions, for when sleepovers and playdates are the norm.

Brighten up your little one’s sleeping space through fun lights or stuffed toys. A comfortable mattress takes naptime to another level and facilitates dream-filled nights for your child. Complete the room with choice bed linen that perfectly complements the room or cheery rugs to center playtime around

With each keepsake gathered, the need for ample storage space becomes increasingly evident. Open-shelf bookcases keep articles easily accessible and in plain view. For nursery trophies and photographs of the family, a versatile shelving unit can be both decorative as well as functional

No place is off limits in the kids’ room. Procure a delightful rug or two to cushion bare feet or to provide seating for on-the-floor games. Select colours, patterns and sizes that best complement the space and bring lively style to the area

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