Happiness comes home

The perfect living room is where you can entertain guests, lounge about after a tiring day at work or get cosy for a quiet weekend home. Bring comfortable seating, a thought-out workspace and plenty of patterns to the room to see it earn a place among your top favourite spaces

A sofa to lounge about on is a vital part of any home. A well-designed sofa with cushions that provide ample comfort and support goes a long way in transforming interiors. Opt for a spacious coffee table as a centrepiece, with a scented candle, indoor plants and a magazine or paper for a welcoming vibe.

Throws and cushions provide endless possibilities for colour, pattern and fabric to complete your living room. Select styles and designs that best suit your personality and decor concept to create an oasis you feel at home in

Address that unending need for more storage with elegant wall-mounted designs that maximise your use of floor space. A spot to get creative or productive, equip this corner with everything you need to stay focused.

Whether it’s a love for pendant lights or the subtle shimmer of a tabletop lamp, play with your lighting at home. A seemingly barren wall or corner can instantly be transformed with a wall shelf, photo frame and decorative articles.

A skilfully crafted footstool can double as extra seating whenever the need arises. Go barefoot and revel in the soft feel of a rug underneath. The right motifs and colour scheme will see your room with a touch of charisma.

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