Trending Ideas to Decorate Kids Room

Published On: 28/04/2022
trending-ideas-to-decorate-your-kids Room-
trending-ideas-to-decorate-your-kids Room

Decorating kids bedroom means inspiring your child’s growing interests, habits, and preferences. One of the best ways to enhance your kid’s room is to pick a neutral scheme and accessorise it with colours, panels, interesting bedspreads, and artworks or paintings that are in line with your child’s evolving tastes. Ensure that there is enough room to modify the space to a more age-appropriate décor at regular intervals.

Every child is unique, and their space is nothing but a reflection of their personality. Studies indicate that the physical environment has a direct impact on a child’s learning ability also influences their behaviour. Designing a room that captures their personality is a way to encourage your child to be true to themselves. But are you wondering where to start? We’ve covered all aspects of room decoration that will have your children loving their personal space.

Before we get into the aspects of furniture and decorative elements, let us first consider the room as a whole and elements that are important here.

How to create a soothing atmosphere in your kid’s room:

Light Up Their World


Lighting is one of the most important elements in any room! Try to keep as much natural sunlight during the day to create a bright, vibrant atmosphere. Other times, use a soft light – one that encourages your child to relax and get ready for a good night’s rest.

Use Colour Psychology to Your Advantage


Try and use soothing hues such as soft yellows, pale pinks, and baby blues. If you want to steer clear of pinks and blues, then lilacs or lavenders with a touch of contrast in pale greens, are ideal. Colours like beige and greys may also suit your kids room well.

Acoustically Pleasant

accoustically-pleasantChildren can be noisy, especially when their friends come over. Using furniture for better acoustics is a smart choice. Wooden floorboards, blinds, and other laminated surfaces ensure that sound doesn’t bounce all over the room. Even blinds in wood or other draperies can help muffle sounds.

Incorporate Nature

photo-framesBringing an element of nature inside the kids room is an excellent way to stimulate the imagination. Studies suggest that photos or artwork about nature teach children to appreciate nature.

Now that you know what aspects you need to consider before you begin setting up your child’s room, let’s delve into the essential pieces of furniture. The key to designing your kid’s space is to find and optimise space prudently.

Here is a list of all the must-haves:

Organise Furniture Cleverly


Children need to be able to do everything in their room. From sleeping to studying and to even playing, there must be sufficient space for all activities. Arrange furniture such that there is a play zone and a study zone or a reading nook, well within the four walls of your child’s room.